Rodrigo P. L. Pinto

Fields of study

Electrical engineering. Project management. Software development.

Three fields of work fiercely pursued, built one upon the other with passion, perseverance and patience. Complementing, creating more than the sum of their parts.

In this page I gather the papers, applications and knowledge developed by me along my career.


The content is divided by field of work.

In Studies on Information and Communications Technologies it is possible to find information about papers I wrote during my Master of Science in Operational Communications.

In Software Development it is possible to have access to my work as developer: all my applications currently available at the Apple Store and others in development.


Finally, a space about my career has a link to my page in Linked In, fully filled with my professional life and accomplishments,  ways to get in touch with me and links to institutions of my interest.

Be welcome and get in touch. I am glad you are here.

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